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Big Ass Fans - How They Work

Summer Cooling Winter Heat Recirculation
Big Ass Fans Summer Cooling Winter Heat Recirculation
Nature put us on earth with a built in air conditioner: Smart.

We engineer our Big Ass Fans to make the most of it: Smarter. Thanks to a steady, gentle breeze, Big Ass Fans "cool" by increasing the rate at which perspiration is evaporated from the skin's surface. In some cases, our fans make the surrounding area feel between 8 - 16ºF cooler!

Energy efficient and cost effectiveness: Smart.

You: Smartest.
It's not uncommon for the temperature to differ 20ºF from floor to ceiling especially in the winter. Say you have a building with a ceiling height of 30-ft. and it feels as though you’re in Nome, Alaska, yet you’re really just in your office.

Install a Big Ass Fan and gently drive that hot air trapped at the ceiling down to the floor, while reducing your heating bills 25% or more.

That's more than enough to make you feel all warm and cozy inside.